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Global policy development

Towards Global Elimination of IDD
Oxford Press, 2004

Additional global documentation




Progress toward elimination

The Roadmap Towards Achievement of Sustainable Elimination of Iodine Deficiency
Operational Guidance: 2005 and Beyond

UNICEF, 2005

Iodine status worldwide: WHO Global Database on Iodine Deficiency
WHO, 2004

The following three documents offer a set of tables and figures with information available on the global state of USI (to be updated).

Global Score Card Maps and Data, 2003

Global Unified Reporting Matrix, 2003

Global Score Card Comparisons, 2001-2003

The History of Iodine Nutrition in the United States
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Power Point)

Web sites with additional data and table and maps:

WHO - Global Database on IDD - information by COUNTRY (click here)
This database on iodine deficiency includes data at national and sub-national level on goitre prevalence and urinary iodine.

ICCIDD - CIDDS Database - Current IDD Status Database (click here)
Maps and data provided at global, regional and country levels.

UNICEF - Statistics - (click here)
Map and tables provided at global and national level.

Global iodine status (Power Point - 4 slides)
presentation of Werner Schultink, (UNICEF RMT) 2001

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Changes in Household use of iodized salt 2000 - 2003 (Power Point)