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Regional policy development

Regional meetings of salt producers

Additional documentation from the region


CEE/CIS Monitoring Framework (Excel)
Provides the most up-to-date information on iodine deficiency programmes in the region on one table.
UNICEF, September 2005

Regional Update 2000 - 2004 (Power Point)
UNICEF, August 2005

Eliminating iodine deficiency in CEECIS and the Baltics
UNICEF CEECIS and the Baltics Regional Office
  A progress report on activities in 2004
  A progress report on activities in 2003
  A progress report on activities in 2002
CEECIS and the Baltic States
UNICEF, 2004
  These Nutrition Country Profiles are intended to briefly detail the nutrition situation in relation to UNICEF co-operation at country level. They outline UNICEF-assisted nutrition programmes/projects, and, to some extent, reflect their impact on children’s and women’s overall health and nutrition status.

IDD Newsletter, ICCIDD, November 2004
"Eliminating Iodine Deficiency in Central Eastern Europe, Commonwealth Independent States and the Baltics"

Scorecard on household use of iodized salt 2005 for CEE/CIS and Baltic States (Excel)

CEE/CIS Unified Reporting Matrix (Excel)
May 2004

UNICEF Regional Strategy for the Elimination of Iodine Deficiency
UNICEF, 2004

IDD Newsletter, ICCIDD, February 1992 (html)
This early issue of the IDD Newsletter focuses on many countries of the CEE/CIS region.

UNICEF CEE/CIS/BS Regional web site:

  Household consumption of IS in the region (Power Point slide)
  Household use of Iodised Salt in the region (Power Point)
  Regional Scorecard 2005 (Excel)