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 Regional meetings of salt producers
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Regional policy development

Regional meetings of salt producers

Additional documentation from the region










The following meetings of salt producers reflect the regional development of iodized salt policy and standards in CEE/CIS and the Baltics.

    Moscow: 1997  
    Kiev: 1999  
    Moscow: 2002  
    Tashkent: 2002  

Bishkek: 2004

Moscow 1997
  The salt producers meeting in Moscow
Held in 1997 and supported by OMNI in association with the efforts of the Gore-Chernomyrdin Health Committee
Kiev 1999
  Regional Salt Producers Meeting for CEE/CIS and the Baltics
Assembled at Kiev, Ukraine, on 29 September - 1 October 1999

Resolution (external site)

Presentation of proceedings, resolution and follow-up (Power Point)

Moscow 2002
  National Conference of Iodized Salt Producers and Suppliers of the Russian Federation
16-17 October 2002, Moscow, Russian Federation

Invitation and agenda

Recommended follow-up activities


Tashkent 2002
  First National Salt Producers Meeting of Uzbekistan
24-25 October 2002, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Meeting report
Includes: agenda, opening speech, resolution and summary of outcomes

Terms of reference for meeting

Bishkek 2004
  Regional Meeting of Salt Producers of Central Asia
Quality Salt Iodization in Central Asia: Challenges and Perspectives
12-13 July 2004, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic


Decisions and Recommendations

Eu Salt and iodine deficiency (Power Point)
Justus M. de Jong

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