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Quality Assurance as Applied to Micronutrient Fortification Guidelines for Technicians, Supervisors, and Workers Concerned with Nutrition
Penelope Nestel, Ritu Nalubola, Eleanor Mayfield, USAID - ELSI, 2002
"A sustainable fortification program requires the collaboration of food processors, the public sector, researchers, and donors. The purpose of this document is to provide program managers with the necessary information to ensure that good-quality fortified food is manufactured in order to control micronutrient deficiencies."
From the forward


Effect of Iodized Salt on the colour and taste of food (15 pages)
UNICEF (Clive West, Richard Merx), 1995

Nutritional Iodine in Processed Foods (9 pages)
Eugene J. Kuhajek, Howard W. Fiedelman; Morton Salt Company Research Center, 1995

Estimation of losses of iodine during different cooking procedures
Geetanjali Goindi, M.G. Karmarkar, Umesh Kapil, J. Jagannathan;
Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1995) Volume 4, Number 2: 225-227

Sources of Dietary Iodine: Bread, Cows’ Milk, and Infant
Formula in the Boston Area
Elizabeth N. Pearce, Sam Pino, Xuemei He, Hamid R. Bazrafshan, Stephanie L. Lee, and Lewis E. Braverman; The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2004, 89(7): 3421–3424

Effects of Iodized salt and other Iodine Compounds on the Quality of Processed Vegetables (10 pages) Summary and Conclusions
Fathalla Abd El-Salam El-Wakibil, University of Ohio, 1958

Turkey study tour to Bulgarıa
14-17 March 2005

Bread iodization for iodine deficient regions of Russia and other newly independent states
By Gerasimov etal, 1997

Nutritional iodine in processed food
By Eugene Kuhajek etal, 1973

The use of iodised salt in the manufacturing of processed foods in South Africa: bread and bread premixes, margarine, and flavourants of salty snacks
M.J. Harris1, P.L. Jooste2 and K.E. Charlton, 2003

The effects of iodized salt in processed fruits and vegetables
By Nakaji Kojima and Brown, 1954



A study of Iodized salt used in Preserved Szechuan pickles

Possible effects of iodized salt on the taste colour and consistency of traditional pickles
Osama Badran, Wisam Qaraqash, Sana Gamah; Eastern Mediterranean Healkth Journal, vol 2, no. 2, 1996. (MS Word version)

Effect of salt iodization on the quality of pickled vegetables
By Ayed S Amr etal. 2004



Retention of Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine in Fortified Soy Sauce (5 pages)
Mario V. Capanzana, Marcela C. Saises, Ma. Janet A. Vaguchay, Cecilia S. Quindara,
and Teresita V. Fallaria (no reference)

A study of Iodized Salt used in Soy Sauce Processesing, and
A study of Iodized Salt used in Bottled Potherb Mustard
(4 pages)
(no reference)



14-16 March 2005
Canan Sargın (UNICEF Turkey) April 2005

Unilever and UNICEF in Ghana
Successful work with the private sector in fortifying processed foods
4 page clour brochure

(This section to be updated with additional testimonials currently being collected)



Stability of iodine in iodized salt used for correction of iodine-deficiency disorders (9 pages)
L.L. Diosady, J.O. Alberti, M.G. Venkatash Mannar, T.G. Stone; Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 1997, vol. 18, no.4, 388-397.

Stability of iodine in iodized salt used for correction of iodine-deficiency disorders, II
(11 pages) L.L. Diosady, J.O. Alberti, M.G. Venkatash Mannar and S. FitzGerald; Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 1998, vol. 19, no.3, 240-250.

Stability of Iodine in Iodized Salt
L.L. Diosaday and M.G. Venkatesh Mannar, date not available

Investigating the Stability of Iodine in Table Salt
Macedonia (FYROM) study

Long-Term Stability of Iodized Salt: The Multiple Province Study in China
Yan Yuqin, Chen Zupei, Xiang Jianmei, Ye Zhenkun, Liu Yingying
Tianjin Medical University, China
IDD Newsletter, Page 7 - 10, Feruary 2002



Improving the human iodine supply by iodination of swine feed and
Supplementation of algae to the diet of pigs: a new possibility to improve the iodine content in the meat

Two abstarcts origianlly published in Germany, Tierarztl Prax, 1997

Production of Animal Feed Grade Iodine Products
information from website: http://www.princeagri.com/tmo-i.html

Iodine In Milk
A survey of iodine concentrations in cows' milk on sale in the UK was carried out in 1998 and 1999 to follow up earlier results suggesting that iodine concentrations in milk were increasing.
MAFF-UK (Sheet 198), 23 March 2000

Salt and Trace Minerals in Animal Nutrition and Agriculture (html)
Animal nutrition page of the Salt Institute web site

LINKS: UNILEVER "Ghana: Fortified foods improve health" http://www.unilever.com/ourvalues/environmentandsociety/casestudies/health/ghana.asp

LINKS: "Iodine Deficiency in New Zealand on the increase again, the need for iodized salt in food" http://tvnz.co.nz/cda/tvnz/search/?style=tvnz&search=iodine

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