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Iodized Salt Program Assessment Tool (ISPAT)
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Assessing Country Progress in Universal Salt Iodization Programs
Iodized Salt Program odized Salt Program Assessment Tool (ISPAT)

"The Iodized Salt Program Assessment Tool (ISPAT) attempts to provide a holistic framework for the assessment and monitoring of salt iodization programs in order to ensure product quality, effective and efficient program management, process and impact monitoring. It draws on field experience in several countries around the world and offers a simple and low-cost mechanism for tracking and sustaining progress toward the goal. When such a framework is instituted in a country, it will go a long way toward ensuring that, once the IDD scourge has been eliminated, it never recurs in the future." (Preface)



Section I:

The Product: Assessing Progress in Iodized Salt Production

Section II:

The Process: Assessing Progress in Program Implementation

Section III:

The Progress: Measuring Progress in Coverage and Impact

Annex 1

Checklist for Assessing the Product

Annex 2

Checklist for Assessing the Process

Annex 3

Checklist for Assessing the Progress

Annex 4

Conducting a Rapid Independent Survey

Annex 5

Sample Questionnaires

Annex 6

WHO Criteria for Assessing IDD

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